Riding a motorbike is the quickest and probably the most cost-efficient way to travel from one destination to another. However, the risk borne out of driving a motorbike is higher than driving a car or public transportation. Thus, you need to take certain safety precautions to ensure that you ride safely and risk-free in the most possible way, and Mr. Raj knew exactly how to do that. He bought two wheeler insurance cover for his motorbike; because he knew it was the best form of protection available in the market. And, even the government of India has made it mandatory for all the vehicle owners to at least safeguard themselves by opting for a third-party cover. However, Mr. Raj knew that too much protection would never go in vain and thus, he always looked for ways to increase the amount of protection provided by this minimum cover. In the end, he decided to opt for a comprehensive cover and additional add-ons to ensure complete safety.

The add-ons and the own-damage cover may have increased the overall protection provided to his car; however, at the same time, they had an equal impact on his insurance premium. Meaning, his premium amount increased with each add-on and safety measure that he purchased. However, he would never compromise on his safety because of monetary reasons. Therefore, he decided to make use of the insurance calculators provided by the insurance companies and purchase the best cover at the least amount of money. By making use of this motorbike insurance calculator he calculated the amount of premium that he would be paying. Not only that, he could even calculate his insurance premium from the comfort of his home or office-because insurance calculator is an online tool and the only thing that you need to make use of it are an internet connection and appropriate electronic device such as a laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Mr. Raj reaped tons of benefits of making use of this online tool; a few of them are here as follows:

  • The first benefit that Mr. Raj reaped by making use of this tool was that he got to obtain an online quote. Meaning, he not only saved himself from the hassles of visiting an insurance agent but also from wasting countless hours with him or her. Also, it made sure that he was not influenced by the likes of an insurance agent; because, more than often, the insurance agent will sell you the policy which fetches him the most amount of profit rather than the one which is the most beneficial for you.
  • The premium amount that you pay is determined on a number of factors such as your bike make and model, engine capacity, your age, geographic location, accumulated NCBs, etc. Thus, by making use of a 2 wheeler insurance calculator, Mr. Raj got to understand each and every aspect of the insurance premium that he will be paying. This not only helped him to get a better understanding of his policy but also made sure that he chose the best policy for himself.
  • The best thing about making use of a two wheeler insurance calculator is that it is absolutely free; thus, you don’t have to shell out a single penny from your pocket. Also, opting for this calculator helped Mr. Raj to get online quotes and compare amongst the various insurance companies in the market.

Thus, in these ways, Mr. Raj used an insurance calculator to figure out the best policy for himself and planned all his purchases.

How Mr. Raj used two wheeler insurance calculators to plan his purchases