How Mr. Raj used two wheeler insurance calculators to plan his purchases

Riding a motorbike is the quickest and probably the most cost-efficient way to travel from one destination to another. However, the risk borne out of driving a motorbike is higher than driving a car or public transportation. Thus, you need to take certain safety precautions to ensure that you ride safely and risk-free in the most possible way, and Mr. Raj knew exactly how to do that. He bought two wheeler insurance cover for his motorbike; because he knew it was the best form of protection available in the market. And, even the government of India has made it mandatory for all the vehicle owners to at least safeguard themselves by opting for a third-party cover. However, Mr. Raj knew that too much protection would never go in vain and thus, he always looked for ways to increase the amount of protection provided by this minimum cover. In the end, he decided to opt for a comprehensive cover and additional add-ons to ensure complete safety.

The add-ons and the own-damage cover may have increased the overall protection provided to his car; however, at the same time, they had an equal impact on his insurance premium. Meaning, his premium amount increased with each add-on and safety measure that he purchased. However, he would never compromise on his safety because of monetary reasons. Therefore, he decided to make use of the insurance calculators provided by the insurance companies and purchase the best cover at the least amount of money. By making use … Read More

Things to Avoid in the World of Stocks

Stocks are an area that you cannot predict unless you are an experienced trader. Of course, there are many people h=who have started investing in stocks but is that too simple?  Once you know what is happening, what are the trends and how things work; you can make a guess about stocks but otherwise; things can go worst.

Here one thing that you can make the maximum of is: “it is good to learn from your mistakes. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes”. It is true that investors spend a lot of   time trying to make all the correct moves. The shared effort dedicated to selecting good stocks, exchange-traded funds, managers, and so on, is huge. There are numberless books, magazines, podcasts, newsletters, television programs, blogs, and more dedicated to assisting investors make the finest possible decisions when it comes to picking and managing investments.

When you are investing in stocks, one thing that you have to be careful about is your mistakes. You have to be prudent about everything. It is not about what you are doing right; it is about what you are doing wrong. There are some simple yet really grave mistakes that you might end up making. Have a look below:

You cannot control everything

Uncountable factors drive global markets. It would be right to say that haphazardness rules, so predicting how these countless variables will influence securities’ prices is nearly impossible. Thinking otherwise might be silly. Deep down, you all know this, … Read More